(Chairman of UCSI Group)




Group Chairman Dato' Peter Ng Tong Se founded, guided and nourished, what was known then as, the Canadian Institute of Computer Studies (CICS), then into Sedaya College and finally to UCSI University. Over the last twenty over years, the UCSI network has continued to expand into many other subsidiary companies that span from film and video production to dermatology and esthetic medicine, to communications and consulting, and to IT solutions. Presently, UCSI Group has a membership of at least 15 subsidiary and associate companies.


He obtained his Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Herriot-Watt University, UK in 1994 while building and running the Group. He received his undergraduate education from Ontario, Canada.


Dato' Peter Ng has held the following roles and positions:


Founding Chairman of the Malaysian Logistics Society (2002-2004)
Member of Governing Council/Chairperson (publications and events), Malaysia Canada Business Council (1998-2005)
Advisor, Malaysian Chapter of the Canadian Graduates Asscociation (since 1998)
Member of Governing Council, Malaysian Association of Private Colleges & Universities (1998 to 2005), Deputy Secretary General (2005-2007), Secretary General (2007- now)


Dato' Peter Ng has also worked closely with Professor W. Chan Kim in setting up one of a handful of the world-renowned Blue Ocean Strategy Institutes in the world here in Malaysia. The Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (MBOSI) is a non-profit organization established by the Malaysian government. Dato' Peter Ng has the distinct honour of serving as an Advisor to the Institute. There are only several other BOS Institutes around the world, which are opened only by the personal and specific invitation and behest of Professor W. Chan Kim.


Besides his role in MBOSI, Dato' Peter Ng is also a Founding Member of the UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre (UCSI BOSRC). The UCSI BOSRC is poised to take the lead in organizing conferences as well as conducting consulting and training on the groundbreaking concept of Blue Ocean Strategy across Malaysia, Australia, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand; visit www.blueoceanstrategy.com  or www.ucsi-bosrc.com .


Dato' Peter Ng has been a well sought after speaker at various international and national conferences on educational and management related subjects. At the Langkawi International Dialogue 2007 hosted by the Malaysian Prime Minister, he played the role of Interveners at that Dialogue carrying the theme of ‘Poverty Eradication through Human Capital Development and Capacity-building’.


In recognition of his entrepreneurship and leadership skills, Dato' Peter Ng was shortlisted as a Top Nominee for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007. He was also featured with 5 other best-in-class personas a campaign themed The Perfectionist - Presented Exclusively by Accord (Honda Malaysia) which aims to inspire audiences to redefine their ambitions and strive for excellence in the pursuit of success.


In the midst of his hectic schedules, he still finds the time to teach and train; contribute to, and participate in social causes, charitable and humanitarian organisations; and play basketball.